Motherhood Gone Funny

Mama Talks NYC would like to express its gratitude to MomCom NYC for their amazing collaboration of efforts to help execute a fantastic and memorable event ‘Motherhood Gone Funny’. This event was truly exhilarating and had a profoundly positive and uplifting impact upon our all Mama audience, in celebration for International Womens Day 2019. It was an absolute pleasure to host. Thankyou to bash Paris for sponsoring this event along with the amazing and entertaining Mama comedians Alyce Chan, Negin Farsad, Julie Kottakis, Latice Kapla and Dava Krause. You mamas are utterly brilliant, hilarious and a complete joy to watch.


Mama Talks Series : Nutrition & Wellness

Mama Talks NYC would like to express its gratitude to Yumi on this collaboration and a warm Thank you to all our amazing panelists. We had an insightful discussion on Nutrition, Postpartum Depression/Anxiety and how to nourish your being through the transition into motherhood. All panelists provided their absolute honesty and expertise on this very important discussion and we are confident that all attendees went away with relevant and helpful information and resources. Thank you for the support mamas! :) Let us be that shoulder you can lean on, from the highs to the very lows. We would also like to thank Union Square Play for being the perfect mama and child friendly space for us to host this talk.


Nurturing the Spirit of Parents

The Assemblage NoMad, Tuesday 15th January 2019

Mama Talks NYC hosted an event in partnership with inner beings at The Assemblage NoMad.

From the wonderful moderating by our very own mama Mari Agory, to our amazing speakers Stefanie Tocco & Adriane de Bonvoisin whom eloquently presented the concept of mindful parenting, sharing essential knowledge and insightful conscious parenting techniques to help us along this journey we call ‘parenthood’.
We are thrilled with the execution of this event, the breathtaking ambience and venue space provided by The Assemblage NOMAD. We are looking forward to delving deeper regarding parenting and Mama related topics with you all in 2019! Thankyou for all your continuous support and allowing us the opportunity to organize such awe-inspiring events for you.
See you in February Mamas! :)

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Mama Talks Series :

‘How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids’

Bash paris - Nolita, Friday 16th November 2018

Mama Talks NYC hosted an event in partnership with ba&sh Paris in Nolita, NYC. This Talk was curated to delve into some of the most sensitive but commonly experienced issues in relationships, after children have been introduced into the equation. We had a candid, truly transparent and honest conversation covering a range of topics.

The event was truly incredible, engaging and left a lasting impression upon our audience. We were absolutely delighted to have the most amazing speakers on our panel including New York Times Best Selling Author, Jancee Dunn and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Melissa Robinson-Brown. Both speakers were hilarious, real and shared some extremely valuable advice with our community of mamas.

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Mama Talks NYC & ba&sh partnership

Friday, November 16 2018

We are super thrilled to announce our brand partnership with @bashparis for our upcoming November event. Details coming very soon!


Mama Talks Series with Sara Sadik

Monica & andy, Monday October 22 2018

Mama Talks NYC hosted an event in partnership with Monica & Andy. It was a fantastic evening full of witty humor, giggles and a bundle of real life challenges and transparency shared with our audience of mamas.


Mama Talks NYC Launch

Hatch soho, Saturday September 08 2018

Mama Talks NYC hosted their launch event in partnership with Hatch, Soho.It was an inspirational and empowering event featuring four of NYC’s pioneering Mamapreneurs. A panel discussion was curated discussing the subject of Ambition vs. Motherhood.

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