We aim to globally challenge the traditional narrative of motherhood, by empowering mamas and elevating minds.
— Mama Talks

Mama Talks is an initiative which hosts events and talks in NYC & Paris, to provide enlightenment, inspiration, guidance and empowerment from successful and pioneering mamas, entrepreneurs, figures and intellectuals in today’s society. 

We are challenging the traditional narrative of motherhood and replacing it with a ground breaking, fierce and intellectually stimulated Mama, who can not only give the utmost best to her child but to further assist her to be the best version of herself.

‘To raise happy children, we must be happy mothers first & foremost.’

We are curating a powerful community and providing the opportunity for mamas to attend intimate talks and absorb essential knowledge, which allows them a mind space to escape from the somewhat chaotic and stressful life with baby and dedicate some well deserved time to their own sense of self, state of mind, spirit and well-being. They can then apply all the positive energy and inspiration to ones personal life and advance through the transitional process of Matrescence - acquiring a wealth of support, companionship, leadership and perspective. This is not only extremely vital but profoundly liberating and empowering for any new mama out there.

Furthermore through this initiative, we intend to create a space and time for Mamas to connect and share knowledge in the pursuit of a thriving Mama-Work life balance and to promote self-empowerment through our programs.

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